First Aid: What Would You Do?

Think of it as any other normal day at the office. You have your coffee in hand, walking to your desk, saying a few words to your co-workers as you pass them by when suddenly someone runs out of the break room asking for help stating that a co-worker has sliced their hand with a knife.  What would you do if this happened at your office?

For someone properly trained for the incident, they should start by grabbing the First Aid kit or at least vocalizing for someone to go get the First Aid kit if it is not readily available. Then the rescuer would assess the victim and how the incident happened. Once the First Aid kit is made available it should be opened up and the rescuer should remove the medical gloves and place them on their hands. Next, the rescuer should remove bandages and tape from the kit, and with the bandage apply direct pressure to the wound site to control the bleeding. If bleeding can be controlled it is feasible to apply the tape to hold the bandage in place.

By this time a bystander should have notified emergency services such as paramedics to the incident. Since bleeding is being controlled by the bandage and tape, the rescuer is now able to remove their gloves by taking their middle finger on each hand and hooking the outside of the glove on the opposite hand by the wrist cuff and peeling the gloves into one another for disposal. Once emergency services arrive at the incident can be turned over to the paramedics. The whole process can take an estimated 5 minutes, but by utilizing effectively time the victim now has a higher survival rate.

Though these types of situations can be scary and isolated, it is imperative that someone steps up and takes charge of the situation.  Anyone can achieve this level of knowledge, skills, and abilities by simply attending and completing an online training session with MyCPR NOW. Become an informed rescuer and make a difference for the victim and the situation at hand--study and test today!

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