How to Identify Arterial Bleeding

Arterial bleeding happens when a major artery is torn or damaged. Because the major arteries are what pumps blood into and out of our heart, arterial bleeding pumps or gushes blood out with each heartbeat and a large amount of blood loss can happen very quickly. Arterial bleeding is bright red in color in comparison to venous bleeding that is a deeper shade of red and oozes steadily. First aid must be given immediately to prevent loss of life with arterial bleeding.

First Aid for Arterial Bleeding

A first aid certification card can be earned online after completion of a first aid AED certification course. In a first aid AED course, we learn that arterial bleeding is best stopped by using a tourniquet. A tourniquet is a device that pinches the arterial walls together to slow down and stop the rate of bleeding to prevent further blood loss. A tourniquet can also be used with venous bleeding if it is severe, and compression does not stop the bleeding. If a tourniquet is used, you should not remove it after it is in place. Always leave a tourniquet for the doctor or paramedics to remove. Trying to remove the tourniquet yourself may result in bleeding from the wound again and can cause significant setbacks in recovery.

Online First Aid Certification

A first aid class cost is cheaper online than in person because you are not having to pay for rental space, an instructor, or additional fees. Online courses can be prerecorded by the instructor for you to work through at your own pace in your own spare time. The exam at the end of the program is also online for you to take at your convenience. After passing the online exam, you can print your certification card to carry with you and celebrate your accomplishment. First aid certificate renewal programs are also available online for those who have prior first aid training and just need a refresher course or whose certification is about to expire. Learning first aid saves lives and the skills are priceless. Staying up to date on your training ensures that you will always know what to do during a medical emergency.

First Aid For Severe Bleeding Certification
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