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CPR & AED usage is part of the training that you will learn when you register for CPR certification and CPR recertification online. Learning CPR online at home is a convenient and flexible option for individuals who have busy schedules or who work multiple jobs that leave them no time for a traditional classroom styled CPR training class. There are multiple types of CPR classes that you can take online at home. Having multiple options ensures that you get to learn in a way that is best for you from the comforts of your own home. 

Online learning allows individuals who take CPR courses to get CPR cards online immediately after completing and passing the exam at the end of the course. CPR certification can help many individuals advance their careers, especially if you plan to work in the medical field. Law enforcement officers, fire fighters, and teachers are just a handful of non-medical professions that value CPR certification. Many large corporations have valued CPR certifications for their employees and have even purchased the class in large quantities so that each member of their team will be trained properly in case there is ever a medical emergency. 

 If you choose to take CPR class online, you can feel confident that you are receiving some lifesaving knowledge that you will be able to apply to help save a life. No one ever plans to have a medical emergency or a heart attack. Knowing what to do and how to handle an emergency situation increases the survival rate and recovery rate of the victim. CPR certification classes are open to anyone over the age of 18 and provide skills that everyone should learn about. Parents, teachers, babysitters, and caregivers can all benefit from taking CPR classes online. If you work for a large corporation or school, ask your HR department about corporate discounts on online CPR classes. Having trained professionals within an organization that can perform CPR in a medical crisis is priceless and in high demand.

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