Learn CPR Online with MyCPR NOW

On any given day we spend countless hours online interacting on different social media sites, viewing the news, watching sporting events live, researching topics of interest, or any other piece of entertainment value that one can imagine. The possibilities of the online world are endless and all we have to do is just simply click our mouse or trackpad. 

According to national statistics learning CPR is more critical than ever. Consider these facts:
- Four out of five cardiac arrest incidents happen in the home, which means victims are most likely to be a family member or close friend.
- A cardiac arrest victim’s chances of survival decrease between 7 to 10 percent, for every minute that goes by without life-saving CPR and ventilations.
- Many people feel powerless when they witness a cardiac emergency because they don't know how to perform CPR .

So why not invest some of your online time to learn a valuable, lifesaving skill like CPR/AED? By learning CPR online you will be prepared to respond to an emergency situation if someone had to be resuscitated if they went into cardiac arrest. With MyCPR NOW’s online courses, videos, and manuals, you will learn how to perform mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, compressions with your hands-only, and other lifesaving techniques.  

The bottomline, becoming CPR certified delivers long-lasting value and can help reduce the loss of life in the event of an emergency. Imagine the pride that you will feel having completed a CPR course and receiving your CPR certification by simply investing the time to complete an online course. Maybe one day you will save a life, so make the time to become a family and community hero by taking the time to complete CPR training. MyCPR NOW believes that the more people who are educated in CPR, the more lives that can be saved.


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