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MyCPR NOW® is proud to partner with American Sports & Fitness Association®. MyCPR NOW™ has partnered with ASFA® to provide fitness professionals with the opportunity to take their CPR certification online. Through our partnership, all ASFA® members are entitled to a 25% discount off any CPR and First Aid certification purchases through MyCPR NOW.  Use Promotion Code: ASFA25 at checkout. 

CPR/AED/First Aid certification online programs make it convenient for anyone to study at home for the certification exam. CPR and First Aid certification online classes provide everything you need to know about saving someone in a medical emergency situation from the comfort of your own home or office. In your spare time, you can go to your training program anytime for full access to free online study materials to supplement your learning. Once you have completed the studying, you’ll be eligible to take the certification exam online and receive instant results to see if you passed the exam. Many online programs allow you to print your certification card out immediately for instant satisfaction. Other programs will mail your certification card to you with options available for faster shipping dates.  

Online CPR and First Aid certification courses, like MyCPR NOW,  are available to be taken by anyone who has access to internet services. Having the convenience to study and test any time from any location makes online training a perfect fit for any busy individual. Online BLS, or Basic Life Support, courses can help enhance your career by providing training in a high-demand skill that can be used in any type of job environment. Those who work in the fitness and health industry will be required to have certifications in CPR and First Aid. Completing these certifications online makes it easier for personal trainers and health professionals to work through their training with irregular work hours.  

CPR and First Aid certification for child care online courses are perfect supplements for individuals who plan to work at schools or daycare. Having BLS, or Basic Life Support, training for children can help teachers and administrators obtain the health knowledge they need to calmly and confidently take care of any medical or emergency issues that may arise while at work or school. The same classes are also available for parents, grandparents, and caregivers to take as well as babysitters who want to learn proper care and procedures for emergency health concerns.  

Child CPR certification online classes will teach you how CPR is performed differently between infants, children, and adults. Knowing which technique to use and how to do it correctly can help save a life and increase the chances of any victim to make a full recovery. If you are an owner of a preschool or daycare, purchasing the online CPR and First Aid certification courses for your teachers to take can help your school and staff become number one in safety skills and procedures. Another benefit to providing online CPR and First Aid certification classes to your staff is to help parents feel safe knowing the teachers are all certified in both CPR and First Aid. 

Learn how to save lives from the comfort of your home, health and recreation center, or office with convenient online CPR and First Aid certification courses with MyCPR NOW.

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