Baby CPR Classes – Infant CPR

Having to perform infant CPR can be a scary experience for any parent if you don’t know how to do it properly. Taking an infant and child CPR and First Aid certification online course can give you the confidence and knowledge you need to remain calm and perform CPR effectively in a medical emergency situation.

If you have looked into online CPR courses, you will know that there are different types of CPR certification courses available to take such as pediatric CPR certification online. Baby CPR or Infant CPR is performed differently than adult or child CPR. Infant CPR is used for any baby up to one year of age. The first step to performing infant CPR is to tap the shoulder to see if the infant is responsive, then check their breathing. If there is no breath and the infant is unresponsive, call 911 and start performing CPR. Infants get two breaths, like child and adult CPR, but the infant breaths are regular breaths – not deep breaths. Infant breaths cover both the mouth and the nose. This is different from child and adult CPR breaths that only cover the mouth when using breaths for CPR. 

Infant compressions are completed at the same rate as compressions for children. However, the landmarks and hand positioning are different. Single rescuer infant compressions should be performed with two fingers on the center of the lower chest. When you have multiple rescuers, infant compressions should be performed with the encircling hands technique (wrapping hands around the infant's chest), using both thumbs to compress at the same location. Chest compressions are still done for a count of 30.  Two minute cycles are commonly used for infant CPR and allows for 5 cycles totaling 30 chest compressions and two breaths.  

Online infant CPR class programs provide educational lifesaving skills that are easily accessible for all individuals including parents, grandparents, babysitters, teachers, and siblings. Pediatric CPR classes online can be taken from any location that you have internet access from and can be taken any time of day that is most convenient for you. If you are taking online CPR and Basic Life Support (BLS) certification, you will be able to print your certification card after passing your certification exam at the end of the course studies. Taking the class online gives you online study guides and study references to be successful on the exam. Many sites will offer a practice exam online as well so you can be prepared and familiar with the format of the exam. Baby or infant CPR classes are a lifesaving skill that everyone should learn and be comfortable doing in the event of a medical emergency.

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