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Imagine how it feels when you see a victim in need of emergency help and you don't have knowledge of basic life support. It may be an unknown person or one of your friends or family members facing an emergency. It is always best to know some basic life-saving techniques to handle such situations.

In addition, you must learn these life-saving techniques if you are a healthcare professional or a police officer. Let’s understand these basic life support techniques and how you can get certified with them.

What is BLS (Basic Life Support)?

For those who are not healthcare professionals, BLS or basic life support refers to the set of life-saving techniques used in case of emergencies. The patients or victims are provided with primary care in times of crisis till the medical support reaches the location. The public safety professionals or first responders generally provide the BLS in case of an emergency. However, the victims of complex situations such as an accident, cardiac arrest, obstructed airway, and respiratory distress require BLS. You should have skills and knowledge of AED, CPR, and relieving obstructions in the airway to handle such situations.

For Whom is it Necessary?

Basic Life Support (BLS) is an essential course and certification for healthcare professionals and support staff. Along with these professionals, other public servants such as police officers must have this knowledge. Healthcare professions often require this course, but the public can also take this course to assist during emergencies. The certification is absolutely necessary for medical assistants, firefighters, nursing assistants, nurses, paramedics, and respiratory therapists. Since these professionals deal with the health and lives of the people, being certified with BLS is a must for them. Occupational therapists, EMTs, physical therapists, and dentists also prefer the BLS course. Again, taking this course and getting certified allows the public to tackle critical emergencies.

Certification Course in BLS

This certification course in BLS complies with the recognized guidelines. It allows learners to save the lives of needy people by providing them emergency care. This course is designed by nationally recognized experts in the healthcare field. The certificate you receive after successfully completing this course is valid for one year. At your convenience, you can complete this course online at your pace. The online course is perfect for you if you are a working professional with a busy schedule.

On the other hand, if you are a person who wants to take this course, you may opt for an offline course. You can access your certification card online after passing the exam and print it yourself. Those who are already certified and whose certification validity is about to expire can also renew it online.

What do You Learn in This Course?

This course allows you to learn all the aspects of basic life support. To get certified in BLS, you have to learn the entire syllabus and pass the exam. In the beginning, you will learn some general concepts of basic life support. Then you will be introduced to the chain of survival, an integral part of this course. The next part is CPR, where you will learn about chest compressions.

There are three categories based on age: CPR for adults, CPR for children, and CPR for infants. Then you will learn some other concepts like AED and ventilations. Another critical part of this course is the different types of emergencies. Some of them can be choking emergencies and opioid overdose. You will be taught how to handle such emergency situations. Finally,you have to take the test after completing the syllabus. Once you pass the test, you will become a certified provider of BLS.

Opt for your BLS certification today if you want to boost your confidence in handling emergencies by learning these life-saving techniques. You can contact us at MyCPR NOW to enroll for this course and get certified. The best thing about choosing us is that all our course material is free to access and you only pay if you pass the exam!

BLS Certification - Get Yours Today!
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