Online First Aid Certification – Study at Your Own Pace

First Aid certification online programs allow you to study at your own pace so that you can learn when it is convenient for you. First Aid at work online programs are also available for those that need First Aid training for a specific job field. Accredited online First Aid course work makes it easy for anyone who wants to learn First Aid to obtain necessary certification and certification cards. First Aid refresher course online options are available for those who are already certified in First Aid and are nearing the expiration of their certification card. Most online First Aid certification certificates are valid for one year. From start to finish, online First Aid certification programs are one of the most convenient ways to obtain these lifesaving skills.  

First Aid certification will help you learn what to do for any medical emergency, whether it is small or large. For the general public, First Aid certification is taught with real life situations that you might encounter in everyday life. There is another level of First Aid certification available to those that work as medical professionals and have higher level requirements and bigger medical emergency situations to handle that is not applicable to the general public.

Basic First Aid certification will teach you about CPR, how to use an AED machine, and how to treat scrapes, bruises, cuts, or wounds. Your job with First Aid certification is to keep an injured person stable until emergency help arrives. This means that you are preventing an injury or sickness from getting worse. Another important task that you will be required to do with your First Aid certification is to remain calm at all times during an emergency situation and be able to confidently take charge and delegate the actions of others, such as telling someone to call 911 while you attend to the injured. You will need to reassure the victim calmly that help is on the way and be able to gather as much information from the injured individual and keep that person informed and alert. The average response time for emergency help to arrive is between five and 10 minutes. If the injury is serious enough, the victim may not be conscious when emergency help finally arrives. You will be the person that can give paramedics information such as their name, what happened, and other important medical information that you were able to gather upon arriving at the scene and being the First Aid responder.

Obtaining online First Aid certification can help save lives and reduce recovery time for victims. Be informed and be safe with online First Aid certification. 


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