Why Do I Need to Know CPR?

CPR training is an important part of Basic Life Support (BLS), which can help sustain life and improve chances of recovery. CPR training includes AED training as well since both are often used simultaneously during a cardiac emergency. CPR is necessary for those who suffer from cardiac arrest to keep blood and oxygen flowing through the body. Without CPR, chances of survival are drastically reduced, and those who do survive will have a longer recovery time.  

Cheap CPR certification online programs are available to everyone. Lower costs are associated with online courses due to the fact that you do not have to pay an instructor to be there and teach the class. Most online courses have pre-recorded videos so you can watch them whenever is convenient for you.  You do not have to pay toward the rental of a classroom location. Online is easy access with only the costs for internet access and online course certification payment. You also do not have to pay for online text materials or study guides. Online resources and study guides are included with your online certification. These lower cost online options are perfect for those who want to learn CPR without having to spend a lot of money. If you have a large group that wants to get CPR certified, an even deeper discount is offered to larger groups making the online classes even more affordable. CPR AED online renewal options are also available for those who are already have certification, but are nearing their expiration dates. Most online CPR certifications are valid for one year. With online and affordable classes available, there is no reason to ever let your CPR certification expire! Find CPR certification online to save time and money while learning a necessary life saving skill.

Learning CPR can help save the life of a loved one. Many cases of cardiac arrest happen at home. It takes the paramedics an average response time of five to 10 minutes to arrive at the location of a medical emergency. CPR must be given within two minutes of cardiac arrest to significantly increase the rate of survival and to keep vital organs alive with blood and oxygen pumping through the body. After four minutes of not receiving any CPR, the chances are very small that the victim will be able to recover from their injury. Knowing that many cardiac arrest cases happen at home, you might have to perform CPR on a child or family member, making CPR the most valued skill you can learn. 

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