PPE & BSI – What You Need to Know

PPE is the acronym for Personal Protective Equipment. PPE is worn to protect you from airborne and/or droplet transmitted diseases. This can include hospital gowns, face masks, gloves, eye protection or goggles, and protective head gear.  BSI stands for body substance isolation, which is when you utilize PPE to protect yourself and others from infectious diseases and germs. Wearing any combination of personal protective equipment can assist you in the practice of body substance isolation.

Germs and bacteria can enter our bodies through any soft membrane openings such as the mouth, nose, eyes, or any open wound. This is why it is important to wash your hands frequently and wear protective coverings over your hands such as hospital grade disposable gloves. Germs and bacteria can enter your body through your hands, even if you cannot see any visible cuts or wounds. This is also why you should not touch your face. Wearing PPE helps protect our skin from exposure to harmful bacteria and also reminds us to be mindful of BSI and taking necessary precautions to not spread germs to others. It is common for individuals who work in the medical field to be familiar with PPE and BSI.

With current events and people becoming more aware of the risk of infectious diseases, more and more people are taking the responsibility to practice body substance isolation and wear PPE like gloves and face masks when they must be outside of their home. Learning about personal protective equipment and body substance isolation is the first step in educating yourself so that you will be able to make informed decisions about staying safe and keeping others around you safe. 

When PPE and BSI are used together, mindfulness and precautionary actions can be used to help reduce the spread of airborne or droplet transmitted diseases. Simple personal protective equipment like face masks, gloves, and goggles can be found at local drug stores or ordered online. Other types of protective coverings like gowns, face shields, and shoe coverings can be located at medical supply stores. Learn about PPE and BSI so you can be informed to take action against infectious diseases, get certified in Bloodborne Pathogens protection today!

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