What is a Hemostatic Agent?

A hemostatic agent is a substance that can be used to stop bleeding.  There are a variety of hemostatic agents that are used such as gelatin based and collagen products that aid in hemostasis (to stop bleeding). Hemostatic agents help to control bleeding or stop bleeding altogether to minimize blood loss, reduce the need of a blood transfusion, prevent leakage of non-bloody fluids, and to help speed up recovery time and shorten hospital stays. Anti-hemorrhagic drug types can also be used as a hemostatic agent. These types of drugs and other hemostatic agents are used in hospital settings by doctors.

There are some hemostatic agents that you can purchase and use at home for minor cuts to stop bleeding. Applying pressure is the most common way to stop bleeding. You can use a clean bandage or cloth over the wound or cut and apply pressure with your hands. Pressure will need to be continuously applied until the bleeding stops. Using ice is another way to stop bleeding at home.  Applying ice to a wound or cut constricts blood vessels and can cause clotting to form more quickly. Petroleum jelly is another type of hemostatic agent that you can use at home. Petroleum jelly contains oils and waxes that help protect and heal the skin. Be sure to clean the cut or wound and dry it before applying petroleum jelly to the area. Witch hazel is another topical hemostatic agent that is easy to find and use at home. Distilled witch hazel and be found at many grocery stores as well as online. It comes in a liquid form and can be applied directly to the wound or cut to stop bleeding. These at-home remedies are for minor cuts and scrapes and should not be used in any medical emergency situation where there is heavy bleeding. Be sure to monitor the wound and visit a doctor if you think the wound might need stitches or if you see any signs of infection. If the wound was caused by an animal bite, you should seek professional medical attention immediately due to potential transfer of harmful bacteria. 

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