Why Everyone Needs a Basic First Aid Certification

A basic first aid course online can teach you the basics in what to do if you or someone near you becomes ill, injured, or unconscious.  The best online first aid course is the one that works best with your schedule.  MyCPR Now provides basic first aid and CPR certification online for the greatest convenience and flexibility with time management. Having access to online study material twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week make it easy for you to acquire basic life support certification while studying at your own pace and testing when the time is right for you.

A CPR & first aid certification course teaches adult and child CPR techniques including 2 rescuer adult CPR and 2 rescuer child CPR. Would you know what to do if someone stopped breathing? Did you know that adult CPR is different than child and infant CPR? Knowing what to do can mean the difference between life and death. When someone stops breathing, they will require immediate intervention in the form of CPR to keep vital organs functioning and blood oxygen flowing through the brain. Every minute counts when CPR is needed. The average person can go almost four minutes before permanent and irreversible damage is done if their breathing stops. The average response time for paramedics to arrive to the scene of a medical emergency after receiving a 911 call is between five and 10 minutes, depending on where you live.  This is why CPR and basic first aid certification is so important.  Your job as a first responder is to stabilize the individual and keep them alive until emergency medical help is able to arrive and take over. When individuals receive lifesaving first aid and CPR, their chances of survival are significantly improved, and recovery rates are much faster.

First aid classes can be taken by anyone and individuals over the age of eighteen can receive a license or certification in first aid. First aid courses can be taken by parents, caregivers, teachers, babysitters, and coworkers.  Everyone can benefit from learning first aid and CPR. Many corporations value the benefits of these lifesaving skills and will offer corporate discounts to organizations so all of their employees can receive certification in basic first aid and CPR. Knowing that your coworkers will know how to care for you in the event of a medical emergency can help boost employee morale and help improve organizational culture and help aid in employee retention.

Basic CPR training and first aid courses helps to save lives. Certification can be done online so the information is more accessible to larger groups of individuals. All ages can benefit from getting certified in first aid.  It’s never too late to learn CPR and for those who have taken classes previously, there are CPR and first aid refresher courses and recertification courses available. With classes so easily accessible, there’s no excuse to not sign up today!  Go to MyCPR Now and select a first aid and CPR class to start learning how to save a life today!

CPR & First Aid Certification

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