Why Should I Know CPR?

CPR online certification and CPR first aid recertification online make it easy for anyone to learn CPR and to stay up to date on their CPR certification. Online CPR first aid renewal programs ensures that both new learners and experienced CPR learners have access to training and guidance at a time that is convenient for them. CPR is part of the BLS, or basic lifesaving skill, that everyone should learn because you never know when you might have to rescue someone. Reasons for learning CPR include:

You will be able to save someone who has gone into cardiac arrest. You never know where you might have to help someone. Having the skills and training of CPR can give you the confidence you will need to remain calm and take charge should you find someone who has stopped breathing.

You will learn new techniques to help keep the first responder safe. Did you know that many individuals that are CPR certified do not stop to render aid because they do not feel safe or comfortable giving mouth-to-mouth CPR? With a BLS (or basic lifesaving skill) provider online course, you will learn about chest compression only CPR that can be administered in place of traditional CPR so that CPR can be administered safely by the first responder. This is perfect for victims of car accidents or workplace accidents where the victim might be covered in bodily fluids.

You will make yourself more marketable working with children. If you are a teacher, it will bring the parents great joy to know that you will know exactly what to do if their child stops breathing or has a medical emergency in the classroom.

CPR saves lives. The body can go for an average of four minutes after breathing has stopped before irreversible damage to the body has been done. The average response time for emergency medical help to arrive is between four and 10 minutes depending on where you live. Being able to perform CPR helps keep blood and oxygen pumping through the body to sustain life and significantly improve chances of recovery. Get your BLS card online today with CPR training from the comfort of your own home.

Get CPR Certified

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