Bloodborne Pathogens Certification Manual: Common Mistakes

Bloodborne Pathogens: Common Mistakes
Common Mistakes

    Avoiding common mistakes when working with bloodborne pathogens can help prevent transmission and keep you and your team safe. Bloodborne pathogens are easily transmitted and can be extremely dangerous. Common bloodborne pathogens include HIV and various forms of hepatitis. Make sure you wear personal protective equipment, decontaminate and sanitize correctly to avoid bloodborne pathogens transmission. Preventing the transmission of BBPs is essential to maintaining a safe and healthy workplace. Some of the most common bloodborne pathogens transmission mistakes are listed below:

    • Not using PPE 
    • Reusing disposable PPE
    • Removing gloves incorrectly
    • Not reporting an incident in a timely manner
    • Not washing hands long enough
    • Not using soap to thoroughly wash hands
    • Not sterilizing the area after an incident