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 Bloodborne pathogen (BBP) training has been gaining more and more attention from individuals and workplaces alike. A bloodborne pathogen, is a pathogen that can spread from the host or infected person to another person by coming into contact with blood and other bodily fluids such as semen, saliva, vaginal secretions, pleural fluid (fluid from the lungs), and pericardial fluid (fluid around the heart and sac surrounding the heart).  


Contamination can occur when individuals are exposed to needles (or sharps), sharp objects like broken glass or any object that could penetrate the caregiver’s skin, exposing the individual to possible infection.

A bloodborne pathogen certification course, like MyCPR NOW's, will give you the knowledge and know-how to protect yourself and eliminate the risks of exposure in your workplace or anywhere you might provide emergency assistance.

BBP Course

Some of the topics covered in discussed in BBP certification coursework include understanding pathogens, the routes of exposure, and how to protect yourself in different situations. The pathogens at a minimum are HIV, AIDS, and Hepatitis. When discussing blood, topics included are universal blood type, blood type genetics, types of blood, blood information, different blood types, blood groups, and blood type information.

The routes of exposures will be broken down from absorption, puncture/penetration, to even inhalation, along with which diseases are spread differently. When the topic of protection is discussed, the course will go over the different types and levels of personal protective equipment needed along with what is appropriate for each of the different situations. Protecting yourself is more than just wearing personal protective equipment (PPE), it extends to becoming knowledgeable on the topic, which is what is offered through an online BBP course. 

If you believe you are well prepared for emergency situations involving possible exposure to blood and bodily fluids, consider challenging yourself and take MyCPR NOW’s free bloodborne pathogens test.  See where you have strong points and weak points, thus making yourself and everyone around you better prepared and better protected for these types of situations.

Bloodborne Pathogens
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