First Aid Course for Personal Trainers

First Aid and safety online courses make it convenient for personal trainers to get their First Aid, CPR, AED training online. Accidents can sometimes happen when working out at your local gym. Learning First Aid can help you save a life and significantly increase the victim’s chance of survival if a medical emergency should ever happen. First Aid online courses can teach you all the skills you need to feel confident and calm in your First Aid abilities.

Any personal trainer working at a gym or health club should know exactly where a First Aid kit and/or AED machine is kept. All trainers should know how to use what is inside the First Aid kits and know how to operate the AED machine. When seconds could mean life and death for an individual, action must be taken immediately. This type of scenario is not the time to try to figure out how an AED machine works or how to apply First Aid or where either of those items are located within the building.  Each employee that works at a gym should know where the basic life support equipment is stored and how to use it properly. First Aid and CPR courses online can teach you how to use everything properly.  

Another important segment of First Aid for personal trainers is learning how to survey the area to obtain important information to share with emergency personnel. Surveying the area where a victim is could provide you with a lot of information that emergency personnel could use to help save the victim.  For example, if someone is lying next to a treadmill, it would be logical based on a survey of the area that the victim has fallen off of the treadmill. Sometimes people will suffer from heart attacks or cardiac arrest while working out trying to push themselves past personal mental limitations. Knowing CPR and First Aid would make you a valuable fitness employee and your clients will be comforted by your expertise and knowledge of life-saving skills. If your office or gym does not have someone with CPR certification, contact your employer to see if they would be interested in scheduling the entire group or office to complete CPR certification online. A First Aid course online offers affordable solutions to those who are looking for a cost-effective method of obtaining CPR certification and AED training.  

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