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CPR training online makes it easy and convenient for anyone who needs to learn how to perform CPR correctly. CPR training online certification can be taken by a variety of people for a variety of needs. BLS, or basic life support, skills are something that everyone should learn how to do. No one ever plans to be in an emergency situation. Knowing what to do can help save a life.

CPR refresher online courses can be a great tool for those who have learned CPR previously but have had a large amount of time pass by from the last course. It’s also a good idea to take a refresher course or CPR update online every year so that your skills stay sharp. 

The general techniques are the same, but sometimes modifications are taught for specific training purposes that apply to real life situations. For example, one common answer that many individuals give for not wanting to perform CPR in an emergency situation was the presence of blood or other bodily fluids on the face. More recent CPR training teaches that if it is not safe for a bystander to perform CPR using breaths, it is okay to do chest compressions only with no break or counting in-between until help arrives. By performing only chest compressions, you are still able to pump blood throughout the victim’s body keeping them alive, which is the purpose of knowing and performing CPR. If you did not have recent CPR training, you might not have known that!

There are also different levels of CPR training that you can obtain. CPR Level A includes First Aid for adults and it is also the most basic level of CPR training you can get. CPR Level B is geared for First Aid involving children and pediatrics. CPR Level C includes both adults and children First Aid basic life support skills.  Level HC, CPR for healthcare providers, is specific only to health care professionals and medical facilitators. Knowing what you need your CPR training for will help you decide which type of certification you need. General CPR Level A is the most popular type of basic training for CPR.  

CPR renewal classes can also be taken online. With easy and convenient options to either get a CPR certification or to renew your CPR certification, there’s no reason to not sign up today! Learn how to save a life with CPR training online with MyCPR NOW!

CPR Training Online
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