Learn How To Use an AED Online

CPR BLS online or CPR Basic Life Support courses teach you how to use an AED along with CPR to save the life of someone who may be in cardiac arrest.  If you have never used an AED device before, you will be happy to know they are fairly easy to use and were designed to eliminate any guesswork so they can be used quickly to save someone in need.  The AED devices used today are all electronic so you don’t have to do anything other than turn the device on and follow the prompts. Depending on where you live or work, most large businesses are required to have an AED device on site.  If you work in a large office building, you should know where one is in case there is ever an emergency situation.  You may need to get to it in a hurry one day or be able to instruct another person to locate the AED device. AEDs are also required to be registered with the local fire departments.  This makes it easy for them to help you when you call 911.  If you need an AED, you can call 911 and the emergency operator will be able to tell you the exact location of the nearest AED device.

The first step in using any AED device is to turn it on.  The second step is to remove the shirt of the victim and place the electrode pads in place.  There is a very descriptive drawing on the AED to follow that shows you how to apply the pads. Because these devices were designed to take any guesswork out, the pictures are easy enough for a child to follow accurately and show the placement of the electrode pads on the proper locations of the body.  The AED device will automatically check the rhythm of the victim’s heart.  It is crucial to make sure that no one is touching the body during the AED scan. Anyone touching the victim’s body could accidently give a false reading to the device and it may not work properly afterwards.  If a shock is needed, the device will tell you and will provide a shock. After the shock, go straight into CPR with breaths and chest compressions. If no shock is recommended, you can just go straight into CPR breaths and chest compressions.  Leave the electrode pads in place until the paramedics arrive. You may need to perform this process more than once while waiting for emergency help to arrive. First Aid and CPR course online programs can show you how to use an AED device with confidence.  Online learning opportunities, like 1st aid and CPR certification online courses help save lives and provide critical life saving knowledge for all to benefit from. Test and get certified today!

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