PPE – Protect Yourself from Bloodborne Pathogens

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) are items of clothing and gear that can be used to prevent transmission of bloodborne pathogens.  Personal protective equipment can include a variety of equipment depending on your profession and what types of matter you are trying to protect yourself from.  Different types of PPE are designed for different parts of the body for full body protection from airborne and bloodborne pathogens (BBP).

For your face, you can use a surgical mask, face shield, or respirator.  For eye protection, you can use a face shield, safety glasses, or eye goggles.  Medical gloves or heavy duty gloves can be worn to help protect the hands from touching a virus or pathogen.  Gowns and aprons can be worn to protect the body.  Full protective suits are used as needed for medical professionals.  Wearing shoe coverings can help prevent germs and bacteria from contaminating sterile areas and cross-contamination in work areas. Most personal protective equipment can be purchased at a local pharmacy or medical supply store.  You are also able to find a large variety of PPE items online through various sites.  If you have any questions about what you should wear to protect yourself or how to use a PPE item, you can contact any local medical supply store for more information.  

Not all personal protective equipment is equal.  For example, medical professionals might have a unique set of needs that requires more coverage than the average person at home. For individuals working from home or individuals running errands, using a face mask and disposable gloves along with proper hand washing is sufficient when trying to minimize germs and contact.  Remember to take extra precautions when removing your gloves.  They should be taken off at the wrist and pulled down so that they are inside out, keeping any possible virus or pathogens inside the disposed glove and away from anyone’s touch.   Also remember to dispose of the used gloves in a sealed container where no one can pick them back up, like a child or pet.  Using PPE, or personal protective clothing, can help keep you, your loved ones and co-workers safe from bloodborne pathogens.  

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