Renew Your BLS Certification Online

During the pandemic, people understood the importance of urgent medical help. That help might be in the form of CPR or first aid. People began self-education that could help in emergencies. As a result, there was an increase in the number of people getting certified and many who renewed their forgotten certifications.

There are usually two categories of certificates based on the period of certification. Some need to be renewed after a certain period, while others are lifetime certifications. For some certifications, the renewal period can be six months; whereas for others, it can be a year or two. Today, we will be discussing the renewal of BLS certifications. Read on to know more about the renewal process, even if you are already certified or want to get certified in the future.

Usually, the courses with a static syllabus or those that don’t require updated information are provided with lifetime certifications. On the other hand, studies related to health, technology, or other such vital courses require recertification. Since technology keeps updating daily, you must renew your certifications with the latest knowledge after a certain time. The courses related to health are sensitive, and a periodic revision of their contents is required. It is your responsibility as a certificate holder to get recertified after a specified period of time.

Basic Life Support (BLS) Certification

Basic life support is the immediate care provided to victims and patients during emergencies. Public safety professionals or first responders are expected to provide BLS to needy persons.  They need to take the course, get certified with BLS, and save people's lives. An accident, obstructed airway, cardiac arrest, and respiratory distress are some emergencies requiring BLS. You cannot handle such situations without proper knowledge and skills in CPR, AED, and relieving obstructions in the airway. Since these techniques are applied differently to people of different ages, you must know how to use these methods for patients of every age.

Renewal of BLS Certification

Providing essential life support can be a regular task for some healthcare professionals. While others may not be required to use their skills daily, many opt to get certified. Since emergencies may come at any time, it is always better to keep your skills updated. Whenever you are supposed to provide BLS to save someone’s life, you should have your skills recertified with an up to date curriculum. All the American states have a specified validity of BLS certification and a renewal period. When your BLS certification is about to expire within the next six months, you should start thinking about getting recertified. You can now renew your BLS certification online at your own convenience.

Online BLS Recertification

It may be difficult for professionals to take time to get recertified because of their busy schedules. Hence, online courses for BLS and recertification are better for working professionals. You should check for an online facility with your certification provider before enrolling. You must select the course that complies with guidelines and can be renewed online. Those of you who have completed your original course in person might think that recertification must be done only in person.  Generally, that’s not the case.

Even if you have done your original BLS certification in person, you are allowed to get recertified online. Those who get certified for fulfilling their job requirements find it better to recertify online. The online BLS recertification programs usually take less time than in-person classes. People can quickly start and stop the online course at their convenience. You can sit at your home or office and attend the classes. Online programs also send automated text or email notifications well before the expiration of your certification.

If you are an existing BLS certificate holder, get recertified in time and upgrade your skills. Contact us at MyCPR NOW to discover expert guidance. Our courses are available online, and you need to pay only if you pass the test. Get certified today!


Basic Life Support Certification
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