Why is CPR so Important?

The first week of June each year is National CPR and AED Awareness Week, an important opportunity to focus on how lives can be saved if more people knew CPR and how to use an AED. 

CPR and AED online courses can help you save an individual who has stopped breathing. The purpose of CPR is to sustain life and keep vital organs functioning until emergency medical help arrives. When proper CPR is performed, the individual receiving CPR has a significantly increased chance of survival and a decreased recovery time. No one ever plans to be in a medical emergency situation. Learning CPR and getting your CPR AED certification online can teach you exactly what to do if you ever find someone in cardiac arrest.  

CPR instructor training online can help teach you not only the basics of CPR and AED procedures, but also the proper way to teach others so that you can help educate others on the importance of knowing CPR. If you take CPR classes or CPR classes online renewal, you will know how to save someone needing assistance. If you take the instructor training online courses for CPR AED, you will be able share your knowledge with others. 

Many offices and businesses are now requiring employees to take basic CPR AED training and certification courses online. Employees having CPR skills are highly valued by businesses knowing that they will be able to help take care of their fellow coworkers in times of medical emergencies. This is a huge added benefit for employees to know that help is never far away during an emergency. Larger corporations are also having AED machines placed within the buildings for emergency needs. When you take CPR certification courses, you will learn about AED devices as well which is necessary for anyone in cardiac arrest. An AED device can restart the heart and can also reset the rhythm if the heart is beating abnormally. CPR is still used when an AED device is required, so that is why they are combined into CPR certification. AED devices must be registered with local fire departments. When you call 911 for a medical emergency, any 911 operator can tell you where the nearest AED device is located. Someone can be sent to the exact location to retrieve the AED machine while someone else is performing CPR. CPR and AEDs can help sustain life until emergency medical help arrives.  

So take that first step today and be one of those heroes who makes the choice to learn, get certified, and be prepared for an emergency situation. Click below to get started with MyCPR NOW!

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