BLS Certification Manual: AED Special Circumstances

CPR: When to Alter AED Application
When to Alter AED Application

Victim Has a Hairy Chest

If a victim has a hairy chest, check the AED for a razor or second set of pades. If a razor is available, shave the areas of the chest to allow the pads to stick. If no razor is present, but a second set of pads are, take the first set of pads and place them onto the victim. Then forcibly remove the pads, ripping the hair from the chest. Now the second pads can be used without interference.

Victim is in Water

If a victim is in water, remove him/her from the water and quickly dry him/her. Because water is a good conductor of electricity, the victim needs to be as dry as possible before an AED is used.

Victim has an Implanted Device (Defibrillator, Pacemaker, etc.)

If a victim has an implanted device like a defibrillator or pacemaker, note the device and avoid placing the pads over the implanted devices.

Victim has a Transdermal Patch

If the victim has a transdermal medication patch, remove the patch and wipe away as much of the medication as possible before applying the AED pads.

        Special Considerations for Infants and Children

        Special AEDs and/or AED pads are made for infants and children under the age of 8. Do not use an adult AED and/or adult AED pads on a young child or infant.