BLS Certification Manual: Compressions for Infants & Children

CPR: Infant Compressions

Infant compressions are completed at the same rate as compressions for children. However, the landmarks and hand positioning are different. Single rescuer infant compressions should be performed with two fingers on the center of the lower chest, on the lower breast bone just below the nipple line. Multiple rescuer infant compressions should be performed with the encircling hands technique (wrapping hands around the infant's chest), using both thumbs to compress at the same location. 

CPR Certification

Children (Ages 1-8)

Compressions for children should be performed using the same landmark and hand position as adults. The single rescuer CPR compression ratio of 30:2 compressions-to-ventilations is the same in children and infants as it is in adults.  However, the compression-to-ventilation ratio for multiple rescuer CPR for children and infants is 15:2. The compressions per minute rate remains the same (100-120).  Compressions should be performed on children to a depth of approximately 1 ½ inches or 1/3 of the depth of the chest.