BLS Certification Manual: Choking Procedures for Infants

First Aid: Choking Procedures for Infants
Choking Procedures for Infants

When an infant begins to choke, the rescuer should move to a kneeling or sitting position and move the infant on his/her arm or lap. When turning the infant over, the rescuer should support the head and neck. While holding the infant face down the rescuer should perform 5 back blows with the palm of his/her hand, while ensuring that his/her hands are not covering the victims mouth. Allow the mouth to be open so that the object can be dislodged without interference.

If the back blows don’t dislodge the object, turn the infant over and perform 5 chest thrusts with the palm of the hand. Continue to perform the rotation of 5 back blows to 5 chest thrusts until the object is dislodged or the victim becomes unresponsive. If the victim becomes unresponsive then perform CPR.

First Aid Steps:

1. Ensure scene safety

2. Dial 911

3. Move to a kneeling or sitting position with the infant face down on your lap 

4. Deliver 5 back blows with the palm of the hand to the infant's back

5. Delivery 5 chest thrusts with two fingers in the center of the chest (just below the nipple line on the breast bone - compress approximately 1½ inches)

6. Perform CPR if necessary