First Aid for Severe Bleeding Certification Manual: Initial Emergency Actions

First Aid for Severe Bleeding: Emergency Actions
Initial Emergency Actions

When assisting in an emergency that involves a first aid for severe bleeding bleeding incident, understanding the correct initial action sequence is essential. By nature of this type of incident, a traumatic event has most likely occurred. Remember, if you cannot keep yourself safe, you cannot help others. Ensure that you have followed the procedures below to keep yourself safe and help the victim.

  1. Ensure scene safety
  2. Dial 911 - place the mobile phone on speaker to respond to 911 directions
  3. Get PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and first aid kit (with tourniquet if possible)
  4. Prepare the equipment that might be needed for the incident, such as dressing, bandages, tape and tourniquets 
  5. Apply the equipment as needed