When to Perform Infant CPR

Infant and child CPR are basic lifesaving skills that every parent and caretaker should learn how to perform properly. Even early childhood teachers and professionals can benefit from taking infant and child CPR classes. Infant child CPR and first aid certification are also available for those who want or need a certification for personal growth or for their career. Online infant CPR class programs are available for busy individuals who need to study online when it is convenient for them. Online programs make it easy and convenient to learn new skills from the comfort of your home when you have the free time to do so. Online certification programs also introduce you to study groups that can help you study for the final exam and connect you to other professionals that are in the same field and working towards the same goals.

Infant CPR needs to be performed if the infant has stopped breathing and there is no pulse. Infants get the same thirty chest compressions to two rescue breaths, but the hand and mouth placement is different from child and adult CPR. With infant CPR, you should use two fingers instead of two hands to do chest compressions and you should only go down about one and a half inches instead of the standard two inches that children and adults receive. When giving a rescue breath, be sure to cover both the infant’s mouth and nose with your mouth and watch for the chest to expand with oxygen. Infants do not receive a full adult breath like adults and older children get during CPR.

Infant CPR online classes and any type of infant first aid class can help put parents at ease knowing they will know what to do in the event that their infant stops breathing. Babysitters, grandparents, and any caretaker or caregiver that works with infants should consider getting certified in infant CPR training. Being able to remain calm and take charge during a medical emergency is priceless. Being able to rescue an infant not only saves a child but saves the future!

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