CPR + First Aid Certification Manual: Common CPR Mistakes

CPR: Common Mistakes
Common Mistakes

    Avoiding common mistakes when administering Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation can help ensure high-quality CPR and maximize the chance of saving a life. Proper CPR and AED administration is essential to improving the survivability of the victim. High-quality CPR can significantly reduce SCA mortality rates. Some of the most common CPR administration mistakes are listed below:

    • Not checking for scene safety before starting CPR
    • Not calling for help before starting CPR
    • Compressing at the wrong speed (usually too slowly)
    • Not exerting enough force on the compressions
    • Not allowing full chest recoil between compressions
    • Bending elbows during compressions
    • Using an incorrect compressions-to-ventilation ratio
    • Treating non-life threatening wounds before starting or while performing CPR