Pet CPR + First Aid Certification Manual: General Healthcare

Pet First Aid: General Healthcare
General Healthcare

All dogs and cats should see the veterinarian at least once per year.  Your veterinarian can tell you more about your pet's condition and recommend changes in activity level and diet. To keep a healthy pet, proper nutrition and exercise is recommended for all dogs and cats. Proper nutrition isn't just about feeding, it's also about hydration. And, remember, adequate exercise level depends on the breed and age of your animal.  

Just like with exercise, some breeds of dogs and cats need more grooming than others. Regularly grooming your dog or cat can help you identify problems such as:  parasites, skin irritation and infections.

Knowing your pet's breed and the special considerations is essential to maintaining the healthcare of your dog or cat. Some breeds are well-suited for apartment life, while others need room to run. So, research your breed and learn about your pet's needs.