Pet CPR + First Aid Certification Manual: Seizures

Pet First Aid: Seizures

Seizures can be caused by many factors ranging from a brain tumor, to epilepsy, to low blood sugar. The symptoms are also numerous, but commonly include:  falling over, twitching, becoming rigid and biting the air. If you think that your pet is having a seizure, you should call your veterinarian immediately and make sure your pet is in safe surroundings. Avoid petting your dog or cat, as they may be disoriented and attempt to bite you.

It is important to keep a log of date, time of day, duration of seizure, last meal, last urination/defecation and description of the seizure symptoms. This log should be presented to your veterinarian so that he/she has all of the information needed to diagnose your pet correctly.

First Aid Steps:

1. Ensure scene safety

2. Get PPE

3. Call your veterinarian

4. Make sure your pet is in a safe place (such as putting pillows against a door frame to protect the pet from convulsing into it)

5. Log all pertinent information that would help your veterinarian diagnose your pet (examples listed above)

6. Take your pet to the veterinarian