CPR + First Aid + BBP Certification Manual: Bloodborne Pathogens Introduction

Bloodborne Pathogens: Introduction
What Bloodborne Pathogen (BBP) means

A bloodborne pathogen (BBP) is a microorganism that is present in human blood and infectious to humans.

How to Be Safe

Universal precautions including Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Body Substance Isolation (BSI) should be used at all times when in contact with a BBP. Utilizing PPE and BSI will help keep both you and your team safe.

Why You Should Be Concerned

Bloodborne pathogens can cause disease and are easily transmittable. Some examples of diseases that can be passed through bloodborne pathogen transmission are the HIV and Hepatitis (various forms) viruses. Fortunately, staying safe and keeping your team safe is usually easily manageable with right personal protective equipment (PPE) and procedural knowledge.